Recycling UV lamps - Graphic Arts

The ultraviolet lamps used in the graphic arts sector are technically called medium pressure mercury vapor discharge lamps.

These lamps are made up of materials that can be recovered and recycled to protect the environment. They consist of a quartz glass tube, two tungsten electrodes, two ceramic supports, and two connections. The glass tube is sealed and contains a small amount of mercury (a few milligrams) and a series of gases (mainly nitrogen). 

All stages of their management, from collection, storage, transportation, and treatment, must be done under safe conditions, without mixing them with other waste (separate collection), to prevent possible breakage that could release the small amount of mercury they contain into the environment or expose workers who come into contact with them.

It is important to check local regulations and specific guidelines for recycling UV lamps with mercury in your area. Additionally, you can contact local waste management authorities or check the websites of environmental organizations for more information about recycling locations available in your area.

In the Netherlands, recycling UV lamps with mercury is a significant concern due to the environmental risks associated with mercury. Here are some general guidelines to find suitable locations for recycling these lamps:

Municipal collection points: In most Dutch cities and municipalities, there are special collection points for hazardous waste, including lamps with mercury. These points are called "Afvalbrengstations" or "Chemisch Afval Depots". We would recommend contacting your local municipality or checking their website for information on the nearest collection points to your location.

Waste management companies: In the Netherlands, there are companies specialized in the management and recycling of hazardous waste. These companies may offer collection and recycling services for UV lamps with mercury. You can search online or inquire with your local municipality for recommendations of reliable companies. Ambilamp.