Online UV Lamp Sales

In UV-Lamps CCP SL, we have launched a new online store to reach more customers and facilitate the purchasing process. We have been specialized in selling UV lamps compatible with ultraviolet curing equipment from leading brands such as IST, UV RAY, GEW, VTI, or Hönle, among others. Our strength lies in the narrow web label and sleeve printing sector, whether it's flexography, offset, screen printing, or digital printing. We have extensive experience in selling UV lamps for machines like Gidue, Bobst, Omet, Mark Andy, Lombardi, Nilpeter, Converpress, Gallus, Kopack, Labelmen, Etipol, Comexi, Rotatek, Imer, MPS, Domino, AB-Graphic, Mida, or Codimag, among others.

We supply UV lamps to customers in Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In our online store, we offer the convenience of payment through credit card or, if preferred, via bank transfer. Additionally, for businesses, we can provide payment terms of 30 days, subject to evaluation by our administrative department. Simply fill out the order form with your company details, choose the 30-day payment option, and we will inform you if your request can be accepted. If approved, we will process your order. 

Regarding shipments, we usually work with the Nacex transportation agency, but depending on the destination, we also use UPS. Shipments are free for orders over €300. 

We supply over a hundred types of UV lamps for graphic arts.

In our online store, we have listed the most common references. If you cannot find the specific reference you are looking for, please contact us through our form or via email. We will make every effort to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. If the reference is unknown, which sometimes happens because each manufacturer has their own specific reference for the same type of lamp, you can send us a couple of used samples that are still functional and have worked well. This way, we can identify them and produce them accordingly. 

Repair of UV cassettes and GEW e-brick.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. GEW equipment is the most common in the industry. That's why we also sell their reflectors, carry out repairs on lamp cassettes and e-brick electronic power supplies. If you have a faulty GEW UV cassette or e-brick electronic power supply, you can send us photos and explain the issue. We will inform you in advance of the approximate cost and repair timeframe. UV cassettes should be sent to our address in Alicante, Spain, well-packaged and without the lamp. 

We usually carry out repairs within 24/48 hours. However, with the e-brick power supplies from the GEW brand, we can offer you a replacement service. We would send you a repaired unit to replace yours. Once everything is installed and functioning, you will need to send us your faulty unit back. 

UV LED equipment from UV One SRL.

We love conventional UV equipment, but we understand that UV LED equipment for label and sleeve printing is the future. They offer many advantages and, above all, they are less harmful to the environment, your workspace, and the materials on which you print. That's why if you're considering significantly reducing the consumption of your rotary printing machine and improving productivity, don't hesitate to consult with us. In order to provide you with advice and a quote, we will only need the brand and model of your machine, the printing width, and some photographs of your existing UV equipment.
We remain at your disposal.
The UV-Lamps CCP SL team.

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